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Control: Schneider Electric Control has a reputation for performance and quality, and is the global market leader for push buttons, switches and pilot lights, an offer now reinforced with truly innovative biometric switches andbattery-less and wireless pushbuttons.

Relays: Relays refer to a wide offer range for switching control circuit, from simple switching up to processing control on the base of electromechanical and electronic technologies.

Signaling:Signaling Products allow you to know the status of the machine at any moment in a large distance with a 360° visibility. As the specialist in operator interface, Schneider Electric offers you diversified visual and audible signaling solutions.


HMI Schneider is a comprehensive, rugged, Open Ended interface and Industrial PC offer to meet your requirement in a wide variety of applications with its extensive capabilities which manages all vital features as Visualization, Control, Supervision, Diagnostic, Monitoring and Data Logging with Easy Preventive and Best fit for Industrial Automation


Accutech– Rapid-deploy,self contained, battery-powered Wireless Instruments

SCADAPACK– Scalable, Smart RTU, Modbus-centric and DNP3/IEC60870-centric

TRIO – Licensed/license-free radios for serial and Ethernet communication

ClearSCADA– Object oriented, wide area SCADA for critical, Infrastructures in WWW, O&G and Electrical Energy, integrated SCADA and ready to use Telemetry features, Wide range of open protocols and interfaces: DNP3, IEC60870-5, WITS, Modbus, OPC, SQL


  • Altivar Machine Range from 0.18 KW to 15 KW
  • For superior performance, safety, compactness & application oriented
  • Designed for ambient temperature of 50º
  • Programmable via Bluetooth avoiding cables
  • Simple Loader & Multi Loader for easy parameter upload without powering
    on drive
  • So Move Mobile parameterization software for cell phones


  • ATV212 0.77 KW to 75 KW, ATV61 0.37 KW to 630 KW & ATV71 0.37 KW to
    550 KW
  • Designed for ambient temperature of 50 Degrees.
  • Dedicated for HVAC* & Pumping**
  • Dual Port 1 for Graphic Display & 1 for BMS Integration*
  • Closed Loop Motor Control***
  • Syncronusy & Acsyncronus Motor control***
  • Multi Motor Control***
  • Application Specific functions

*Only ATV212 **Only ATV212 & ATV61 ***ATV71 only

Engineered Drive Systems

  • Drive system offer up to 2400 kW
  • Solution for robust environmental condition with Liquid cooled drive
  • Ready to Use Compact engineered panels with Innovative ‘Separate Air
    Flow Duct’ for panel cooling
  • Compact size with swivelling door arrangement
  • Easy Maintenance with drawout type Drive Mounting
  • Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX with Intelligent Cooling Technology

Medium Voltage Drive Range

  • MV drive range up to 16200 kVA
  • Multi-level technology for perfect sine wave
  • Compact design with integrated input transformer
  • Built – in 30 mins UPS backup (control system)
  • Cooling for supply derived from main incoming transformer
  • Comfort: Large touchscreen HMI, simple software
  • Low dv/dt, up to 2000m motor cable length
  • Robust 2mm enclosure, certified IP 31, IP 41, IP 42


MES – Ampla helps monitor and improve operational effectiveness (OEE, KPI) via modules –Downtime, Production, Metrics, Inventory with Genealogy and
Tracking, Energy, Quality, Planner & Recipe, Maintenance, Knowledge and Cost
HISTORAIN – Vijeo Historian integrates plant with business applications and Microsoft Office. It is 100% pure Microsoft® SQL Server® historian containing Powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools and Intuitive visualization and analysis tool, (Process Analyst). Offers out-of-the-box sample reports, such as energy reports & alarm management reports based on EEMUA 191 guidelines
SCADA – Vijeo Citect is an object based SCADA that offers Scalable, Flexible and Reliable Standalone/ Client Server architecture with Redundancy. It provides seamless dataflow with Communication Driver Support for more than
100 hardware manufacturers and Support for Industry Standard Protocols.
Ascii, BacNet, DNP 3.0, EIB, IEC870-5, Modbus, OPC, Profibus, SNMP

Automation Control System

Schneider Electric Modicon controllers are synonymous with innovation in Automation world with major milestones as 1st Programmable Logic Controller 084 (PLC), 1st PLC with PID loop, Innovator of Modbus (Modicon Bus) communication Protocol, 1st Hotstanby Control System (584PLC), 1st Micro Controller, 1st Controller with ethernet link, 1st controller with High speed deterministic networking (Modbus Plus), Web enabled Controllers. With the innovative legacy Schneider now offers solution as per international standards for continuous or Batch Process through Plant Expert System ( PES ) and for traditional PLC system through Control platform of Quantum, Premium, M340, Adantys I/O. In order to keep People, environment and equipment in safe condition Schneider Electric has come up with safety control system in accordance to Sil 0 to Sil 4 standards of TUV/IEC. We today provide fully tested architected solution suitable to your needs.

Solutions for Packaging Machines

Range Pac Drive M offer includes C200/C400/C800 Motion controllers
including drive & motor USP

  • Specialist in Packaging solutions & world leader to deliver solutions
  • Integrated Motion & logic control – Foundation for uniform solutions
  • Fully integrated software tool having modular type with integrated templates
  • Programming simulation without real axis
  • PacML Compliance to adhere Packaging standard under OMAC