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Low Voltage Equipment


Low Voltage Equipment

Blokset, high safety and availability switchboard up to 6300 A

A wide range of solutions:

Electrical distribution / PCC

  • For high power incomers or feeders up to 6300 A
  • Withdrawable solution for high availability and safety applications
  • Fixed solutions for economical applications
  • Power factor correction

Motor Control Center / MCC

  • Fixed-typed motor control center for economical solution
  • Withdrawable motor control center for high availability and safety applications
  • Solution with motor controller, soft starters and drives
  • Protection levels: IP20, IP31, IP42, IP54
  • Busbar Material – Copper / Aluminum
  • Short circuit breaking capacity max is 85kA for 1sec. **
  • Internal Arc of 85kA for 0.4sec**
  • Forms of separation up to Form 1/2b/3b/4b
  • Seismic Zone V

Prisma iPM Switchboards

Developing installation dependability!
IEC 61439-1 & 2 compliant switchboards designed for your safety

  • Designed for basic electrical distribution requirements for applications upto 4000A
  • Based on kit based functional architecture complemented with brilliant aesthetics
  • Revolutionary and patented design in Busbars for optimum performance: Linergy busbars.

Smart Panels

Connected solutions for Network, Asset and Energy Management