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Low Voltage Products


Low Voltage Products

Masterpact NT/NW ACBs and Compact NSX MCCBs

Direct access to energy efficiency!
> Designed to give You that Xtra bit to make your installations Smarter

  • Communication ready range to digitize your system
  • Unique plug and play communication architecture accompanied by smart panel display (FDM)
  • Patented ASIC based microprocessor trip units with built in metering functions and advanced protection
  • Patented dual protection settings via rotary dial & keypad
  • Standard web browser & pre-configured software’s for detailed analysis
  • Covering all your applications: Distribution, Motor protection, DC circuits, PV, Solar & wind

EasyPact MVS ACBs and EasyPact CVS MCCBs

Easy choice for reliable performance!
> Contemporary design with emphasis on safety and reliability

  • ACBs with fault diagnostics – last 10 trip history
  • MCCBs with thermal magnetic protection release throughout the range (16A-800A)
  • Common accessories with Masterpact and Compact series of circuit breakers

Source Changeover System (ATS)

Efficient energy management and continuity of service with Auto source-changeover system.
> Maximum continuity of service

  • Energy availability is ensured whatever the requirements (e.g. high power demand) during operations as well as maintenance period.

> Optimized energy management

  • Transfer the load to a replacement source according to external requirements.
  • Manage power sources according to power quality and power costs.

> Simplicity and reliability

  • Simple installation on LV switchboard.
  • System based on pre-tested components.
  • Compliance with IEC 60947-6-1.

> Range

  • 100A to 6300A.
  • Fixed, Plug in(630A) and Draw out (800A and above) versions.
  • Smart Integration over Communication Network