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Medium Voltage Offerings



PIX Range

  • Offerings covering the entire Medium Voltage
    range upto 33 kV
  • Indoor switchgear applications in segments including Industries, Utilities, Power plants and Buildings & Infra
  • Compact width of cubicles starting from 600 mm for 11 kV and 1000 mm for 33 kV
  • Tested and designed as per latest IEC 62271-100 & 62271-200
  • Metal-enclosed switchgear, loss of continuity category LSC 2B-PM, tested for Internal Arc faults, qualification IAC AFLR


  • Up to 24 kV, 630 A, 21 kA/3s for 11 kV and 20kA/3s for 11 kV Also, available as 11 kV for 1sec
    for 11 kV RMU
  • Up to IAC 21 kA, 0.1s AFL for Indoor, 0.2s AFLR for Outdoor
  • Available in various versions: Compact (FBX-C), Extensible (FBX-E), Indoor & Outdoor (IP54
  • Manual or Motorized Operation.
  • Switching and insulation in sealed-for-life SF6-gas tank
  • Continuity of service LSC2A
  • Compliance to IEC 622271-200 & local standards
  • Versatile to fit most applications and also available with FRTU & SCADA connectivity options

Primary Gas Insulated Switchgear

  • Modular design, suitable for Single & Double Bus Bar System
  • Touch proof, rapid and safe on-site assembly
  • User-friendly operator interface with great variety of cable connection options
  • GIS (GHA) with no gas handling required at site makes it environment friendly
  • Hermetically sealed, gas insulated switchgear with all live parts in protective gas area (WS)
  • Rated voltage upto 40.5 kV current upto 4000A (DBB), STC upto 40 kA for 3 sec


  • Touch proof/completely shielded SF6 tank
  • Cable testing facility without disconnecting the cables from cable chamber (on customer
  • Internal arc AFLR of 21 kA 1sec since the pressure relief device is at the top of the tank
  • Motorization within a minute and ccomplete isolation from the remote
  • Lesser gas leakage points due to moulded construction


  • Tested as per IEC 62271-202
  • Internal Arc tested solutions ensures public and operator safety
  • Range IN10 – upto 22 kV 1000 kVA, IN 16-upto 33 kV 1600 kVA
  • HV side with RMU, LV side with ACB & MCCBs
  • Oil type & Dry type Transformer with optional HTmetering & LV APFC panel
  • Manufactured, assembled and tested in the factory & delivered ready to be connected

E House

  • Complete switchrooms comprising both MV & LV Switchgear plus other equipment like UPS,
    SCADA, VSD etc
  • Fully factory equipped and tested, shipped to site in transportable sections
  • Economical & FAST Site Installation, simplified commissioning
  • Increased RELIABILITY, due to assembly/testing/quality control in factory
  • Reduced exposure to fatal RISKS in unsafe areas
  • Less Reduced ENGINEERING costs, civil costs– easy repeatability
  • Design engineered by the PRODUCT Specialists