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  • MPT: Minera Power Transformers (from MVA till 100 MVA)

Minera MP oil-immersed medium voltage power transformer is dedicated to all applications up to 100
MVA and is designed to meet your needs.

Our broad range for Minera MP transformers includes:

  • Three phase units (single phase available on request)
  • Ratings up to 100 MVA, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Voltage insulation level up to 170 kV
  • Breathing or sealed type
    • A wide range of accessories
    • High capacity cooling options such as ONAN, ONAF, OFAF, OFWF or others upon request
    • Standard or low noise levels
    • b Off-circuit tap changer (OCTC) or on load tap changer (OLTC)
  • Minera Oil – Immersed Distribution Transformers

Our standard range of Minera transformers is available as:

  • Three phase units (single phase available on request)
  • With ratings up to 4 000 kVA, 36 kV, 50/60 Hz
  • With conservator or hermetically sealed type
  • Ground, pad Mounted
  • Naturally cooled (ONAN), air forced (ONAF) or other type of cooling upon request
  • With normal or low noise or loss levels
  • Trihal – Dry Type Cast Resin Transformer

Lowest ambient temperatures :

  • Operation – 50°C
  • Storage/Transport – 50°C (*C2 Thermal shock test carried out at – 50°C)


  • Nearly Total condensation or heavy pollution or combination of both
  • Abnormal level of humidity up to 95%
  • b According to new IEC 60076 – 16 Standard

Transformers subject to a fire hazard:

  • Self – extinguishing transformer fire
  • Restricted flammability required
  • Limited formation of fumes
  • Limited contribution with calorific energy to the source of fire

5 pC

  • Maximum level of partial discharges measured during special test according to IEC 60076 – 11
  • Resistant, Safe, Versatile Economic & Compact

Special Transformers in Range

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Converter Duty/Rectifier Duty/Inverter Transformers

Aluminum Wound transformers

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