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Wiring Devices


Wiring Devices

Electrical Switches as Design Elements

Time changes. Technology advances. Lifestyle evolves. So does the idea of perfection. Traditionally furniture & fixtures, lamps, wall colour were matched with overall interior design. In addition to these elements, think of a discreetly placed light switch which matches the interiors. Switch which infuses some character and life into your homes and offices. We can never avoid a wall switch located at eye level and we touch it every day. It can be an avoidable eyesore or a beautiful switch which enhances the interior while allowing you to control electricity safely.

With an in-depth understanding of lifestyle, technology and sustainability, Schneider Electric ensures that our innovative switches add a new dimension to the design of your office and home. A full spectrum of attractive colours, patterns, materials and finishes that will fit in various design concepts, match different decoration context and will enhance the appeal.

Ulti – The ultimate switch

The exquisite blend of design and patented innovation is a modern classic statement of style. With its ultra-clean lines, sleeky chic square profile, perfect round dollies, crystal glass and other plate options Ulti is haute couture of lighting control.

Neo – face the future

A breakthrough in switch design, Neo demonstrates horizontal thinking with unconventional horizontal dollies and layered details and it is the first switch to use LED locators and indicators.

ZENcelo – be in-standing

Inspired by the full-flat design that transformed everything from TVs and mobile phones to electric stoves, ZENcelo mechanical switches revolutionized the switch design. Even on switches you never imagined can be full flat. Luxory is no longer designed by price. But by wisdom and style..

Opale – Switches with satin finish

A range designed by international designers keeping in mind the local market and its specific needs. Unique satin finish make it unique switch in sea of me too

Livia – switch to the extra ordinary

The soft white texture with high gloss finish makes LIVIA effortlessly chic in a trendy ambience and ornamental to a traditional interior style. This new range of effervescent switches and sockets blend in to stand out.